Give Your Butt a Boost! All About Butt Lifters

Using the most technical definition of the term, the most important part of the body is probably the heart, or perhaps the lungs. But we know the truth – what it’s really all about. (And no, I’m not talking about not the blood vessels or the muscles or the spleen or even the brain)  

I mean the butt.  

Having a well-shaped, prominent posterior region can help make a good first impression, especially when you’re looking for your next date or fling. Not just that, having strong, toned muscles in the gluteal area can be beneficial for a number of sports and workout routines, from running and weightlifting to hip hop dance and Zumba (and, of course, twerking). Plus, having a fabulous, rockin’ booty is a known boost to self-confidence – it’s easy to feel great when you know that you look great too!  

But how do you get that perfect butt that you’re striving for? Well, there are a lot of ways. There’s implants or surgery – but those are expensive, often painful, and can require equally expensive touch-ups every few years. There’s stuffing padding down your underwear, but that can slip and produce odd, lumpy shapes as you move through your day. The best, most affordable, most reliable way to start your journey towards the butt of your dreams is to invest in a butt lifter.

With their numerous benefits, low price and how comfortable they are to wear, butt lifters make getting a better booty effortless, painless and fun!

What Exactly is a “Butt Lifter”?

A butt lifter, occasionally referred to as a butt bra, is a type of shapewear which focuses on emphasizing the round, prominent shape of the rear cheeks. Like more standard lingerie, they can be worn under any type of garment. Butt lifters are typically made from elastic material such as latex and are designed to be tight but not uncomfortable, to provide compression without causing pain.  Rather than adding additional bulk in the form of padding, butt lifters focus on using and enhancing the body’s natural resources – the fat and muscles already present in the butt area. Soft areas around the hips, waist and upper thighs are redirected to the rear area, while the tight banded design keeps the gluteal muscles activated and working so that they maintain their definition and tone and prevent sagging.

Skin is also kept firm and youthful as the butt lifter promotes and enhances its natural elasticity. The result is a tight, firm, round, pert bottom which is appealing to the eye as well as extremely strong and comfortable to sit on.  

There are several types of butt lifter which have gained popularity in recent years. Which type of butt lifter works best will depend on the individual user and their tastes, preferences and goals. The three most common types are each discussed briefly below.  

Butt Shaping Supportive Bands

As the name suggests, this type of butt lifter typically comes in the form of two thick, garter-like bands of latex or other elastic material which are worn around the upper part of the thigh just below the buttock. Supportive bands do not cover the cheeks or genitalia; therefore, they do not replace traditional underwear and can be worn in addition to other forms of lingerie.  

The butt shaping bands work by pushing the cheeks upwards and redirecting areas of fat from the thighs to the butt. They also compress the thighs themselves, creating a slimmer line of the leg which further emphasizes the butt by providing contrast. The thigh muscles are kept activated and working hard, helping to provide toning and definition of the thighs as well as the butt.  

Longer supportive bands which focus on shaping the lower parts of the leg are also available. Thigh-length and knee-length variants are most popular, but full-leg designs similar to tights or leggings can also be found.  

Double Cutout Butt Lifter

The most dramatic of the butt lifter family in its appearance, the double cutout surrounds the cheeks but leaves them exposed and uncovered (hence the name). A double cutout butt lifter is typically worn in place of more traditional underwear, but could potentially be worn beneath another undergarment in particularly cold weather.  

The two cutouts are surrounded by tight elastic (typically latex) bands which push the cheeks outward and engage the muscles along the outer edges of the butt. This has been shown to significantly strengthen the gluteal muscles over time and prevent sagging of the rear end later in life. 

Some double cutout butt lifters also feature a tight band which compresses the waist, slimming it down so that more focus is given to the prominent butt. These models are excellent for strengthening the core and abdominal muscles in addition to those of the butt. There are also more “shorts-like” models which compress the upper thighs in a similar manner to the supportive bands discussed above.  

No Cutout Butt Lifter

These lifters work in much the same way as the double cutout lifter but were designed from those who might not be as comfortable with having their cheeks so exposed. A no cutout butt lifter is frequently recommended to customers who are purchasing their first ever lifter and may feel nervous or have some reservations about the process.  

A typical butt lifter without cutouts resembles a standard pair of underwear, but made from an elastic material such as latex. It typically features a tight band which slims the line of the waist and may include similar bands around the upper thighs. Like a double cutout butt lifter, the no cutout variety works by pushing the cheeks upward and outward and compressing the muscles in the outer areas of the butt to keep them strong and tight.  

Most no cutout lifters are made from lightweight material so the wearer does not sweat an excessive amount despite having the entire bottom covered by material. They can be worn under any type of clothing, even very tight garments, as they typically do not show a visible outline as more standard undergarments sometimes may.  

So, Do Butt Lifters Really Work?

They definitely do! Butt lifters are so successful because they focus on what’s already there – taking your natural gifts and displaying them in the most appealing way possible.

Regular use of a butt lifter can result in young-looking, elastic skin, firm, strong muscles and round, prominent butt cheeks which look great in any outfit imaginable. Depending on the model you choose, you can also wind up with a narrower waist and slimmer, more muscular thighs and legs. Varieties which compress the waist can contribute to weight loss by decreasing the appetite, preventing overeating and encouraging the sweating out of temporary water weight and less overall absorption of water by the body.  

Not only that, but(t) our lifters can help you feel good, too! Knowing that your butt is in perfect shape can help you feel more self-confident and self-assured throughout the day, with long term positive results. Butt lifters also promote proper posture when standing and walking, as they encourage you to stand up straight, avoid slouching and keep your shoulders back in order to best display your perky new assets.  

However, butt lifters only work when they fit properly. Measure the circumferences of your waist, hips, the largest part of your bottom, and your upper thighs in order to determine what size is right for you. If you’re concerned about finding the right size, contact us or visit an underwear or lingerie store or tailor to be measured professionally. Remember, your butt lifter should be tight but not uncomfortable or painful. Your butt lifter should never cut off the circulation of blood or cause you to feel dizzy, nauseous or short of breath.  

To achieve the best results, start out with a period of “breaking in” your new butt lifter. Wear it for an hour or two per day for at least a week before increasing to longer periods of time. If you wish to continue wearing your butt lifter while you are sleeping, do not do so until you have fully broken in your butt lifter.  

Lifters can also be combined with a regular workout program and a healthy diet to promote weight loss and general fitness and health. When at the gym with your trusty butt lifter, focus on exercises which activate and strengthen the gluteal muscles, such as weightlifting and squats. If you aren’t sure of the best ways to train your butt, see our handy guide here. We also recommend joining a weightlifting, Zumba or salsa dancing class at your local gym. Don’t forget to stretch out your brand new booty thoroughly before and after every workout!   Don’t keep yourself and your future admirers waiting.

Get the booty you deserve today with one of our high quality butt lifters. Go here to browse our catalog, or contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information about our fabulous butt lifters!