Something For Everyone: The Many Benefits of Waist Training

By now, you’ve probably heard of waist training – the hottest new trend, involving wearing special garments promising slimmer waists, fuller figures and the perfect body for both a long day on the beach or a high-class evening gala in formal dress. But, perhaps, you may have written it off as “not for you” – perhaps thought of it as “only for people younger than me” or “only for women” or “only for people who work out more frequently than I do” or even “only for celebrities”.

However, us enthusiastic folks here at Get Waisted are here to tell you that whatever you thought you knew about waist training is definitely not the case. And why is that? Well, to put it simply:


Waist training is for absolutely everybody!

Yup, you heard us right. Absolutely EVERYBODY! And that includes YOU! No matter your age, sex, gender identity, lifestyle, or anything else, waist training promises a number of tangible benefits in both the short and long term. Whether you’re just starting your first ever fitness regimen, expecting your first child, adjusting to life during your transition, or trying to find time for yourself during a work- and parenting-filled daily grind, waist training can help you look better, feel better and be better. And it’s not just about slimming and weight loss, either – a proper waist training regime can improve everything from your health to your posture to even your self-confidence! This article explores the many ways in which waist training can help so many different types of people and the staggering number of benefits which sticking with it for even just a little while can provide.


WHO Benefits from Waist Training?

Like we said above – everyone! Here are just a few examples of the unique groups of fabulous people whose lives waist training can bring tangible improvements to:  

Fitness fans. Many varieties and styles of waist trainers exist which are specifically geared towards enhancing workouts and getting the most out of an athletic, fitness-focused lifestyle. Usually marketed as workout trainers, these garments focus on engaging the core and abdominal muscles, allowing them to work harder than ever before during workouts such as strength training, running, weightlifting and aerobics. Adding a waist trainer to even a few of your weekly workouts will help you get the most benefit possible out of every trip to the gym (or outdoor run, or set of pushups on your bedroom floor)!  

In addition, many of these workout garments are made from latex, an insulating substance which raises body temperature when worn close to the skin. Wearing a latex trainer, especially during runs or other intense, cardio-focused workouts, causes you to sweat more, helping to shed water weight and not retain as much fluid throughout the day. Uncomfortable, unflattering bloating will be a thing of the past with these stylish workout enhancers! Perfect for gym lovers regardless of age, gender or fitness level.  

Pro athletes. In addition to all the benefits described above, pro athletes involved in seasonal sports such as swimming, track and field, long distance or marathon running, and many others frequently use waist trainers to keep in peak shape during the off-season. Bodybuilders and wrestlers also have begun to employ waist trainers to help stick to diets and remain at certain weights.  

Mothers and expecting mothers. Waist trainers of all varieties work by putting pressure on certain areas of the abdomen and midsection. This provides a number of benefits for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. Cramps, contractions of the uterus and back pains have been found to be significantly lessened when a corset or waist cincher is worn. This can significantly decrease or even eliminate many of the everyday discomforts which come with pregnancy or the post-birth period.  

Wearing a waist trainer for the weeks following the birth itself has also been shown to aid in the prevention of potential injuries or other harmful conditions. In particular, the risk of diastasis recti, a loosening or separation of the oblique or abdominal muscles most commonly seen in women who have experienced multiple pregnancies or difficult births, has been proven to be measurably lower when a waist trainer is regularly worn. (This benefit is not limited to women – older men in poor physical condition are the group with the second highest risk of developing diastasis recti, and the danger can be lessened with waist trainers in their case as well.)  

Singers and performers. Opera singers were one of the first groups to regularly wear corsets, to this day one of the most popular types of waist-training garment. This is because the compressions on the midsection described in the previous section include a pressure on the diaphragm, helping singers to regularly hit higher notes than are possible without wearing a trainer. In addition, regularly wearing a waist trainer can encourage the lungs to open wider and take in greater amounts of air, eliminating issues of light-headedness or dizziness when performing onstage.  

Transgender, nonbinary, and genderfluid individuals. Waist trainers can be designed to create figures which conform to traditional images of the feminine, the masculine, and the androgynous. Many transgender, nonbinary and genderfluid individuals have found that waist trainers help guide their body towards achieving the desired appearance before, during and even after the transition process. While the physical benefits of waist trainers have been studied at length, they may in fact provide mental benefits as well, helping individuals feel more like their true gender (or less gendered, as the case may be) and greatly increasing self-confidence when a regular wearing program is implemented.  

Individuals suffering from illness, injuries and other health conditions. Waist trainers have been proven to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by a vast number of health conditions including but not limited to scoliosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, and chronic migraines. Wearing a corset or cincher can also speed the recovery process from abdominal hernias, dislocated joints, spinal misalignments, and other serious injuries. Implementing a waist training regimen earlier in life will also decrease the risk of these injuries or conditions occurring as you age due to promoting proper posture and joint and muscle health.  

Anyone who menstruates. Anyone who has ever had a period knows that it can be a painful, difficult several days – but fear not, waist trainers can take a great deal of that pain away! Pressure on key pressure points and areas of the abdomen caused by a regularly worn waist trainer decreases the intensity and severity (and thus resulting pain) of uterine contractions and menstrual cramps. When combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, waist trainers can even cause shorter, lighter periods – any heavy bleeder’s dream!  

Individuals who work physically demanding jobs. Nurses, construction workers, movers, and other employees in professions requiring frequent standing, bending over, and heavy lifting report that wearing waist trainers immediately and permanently decreases back pain both during and after the workday. This is due to waist trainers helping to keep the spine straight and abdominal muscles engaged, so proper posture is used during strenuous physical activity and the likelihood of damaging joints or straining muscles is significantly lowered.   However, as we explained earlier, it’s not just these types of people who can live a happier, healthier life with the aid of waist training. There are even MORE benefits, and they can be enjoyed and appreciated by absolutely EVERYBODY!  

The Universal Benefits of Waist Training

  • Wearing a waist trainer promotes proper posture, as it keeps pressure on the spine, making it far more difficult and uncomfortable to slouch or slump over when sitting or standing. Good posture in turn promotes good health, especially in the spine, shoulders, hips waist and abdomen. It also helps you appear more professional and confident in your day-to-day life!
  • People who regularly wear waist trainers report experiencing headaches and migraines far less frequently than those who do not. This is because the straightening of the spine described above decreases pressure on and compression of the spinal nerves, which is one of the most frequent causes of painful headaches.
  • Waist training can prevent injuries, especially to the spine, shoulder, hips and abdominal area. Those who wear corsets or cinchers possess a significantly lowered risk of tearing or straining a muscle, dislocating a joint, or even developing chronic health conditions such as osteoporosis. You won’t just look and feel healthier – you’ll be healthier too!
  • Waist trainers don’t just cause you to immediately appear skinnier in the short term – they also promoted long term weight loss and overall improved health. Looking into the mirror and seeing yourself with a skinnier, more shapely figure has been proven to promote desire to appear that way permanently and to take actions in order to preserve that appearance. Many fans of waist training have reported that the experience has inspired them to work out more often and begin eating healthier. (In regards to the healthy eating, waist trainers provide an added bonus – the pressure on the abdomen controls hunger and decreases the risk of overeating!)
  • Looking fit, healthy and attractive has also been shown to give a major boost to overall self-confidence – after all, there’s no feeling in the world like feeling healthy! Regularly wearing a waist trainer combines proper posture, intense workouts and the increased desire for a healthy lifestyle to produce an overall improved self-image – something which will continue to have a positive effect on your life for years to come!
  • Possibly the least well-known, but still extremely important, side effect of waist training is its promotion of regular bowel movements. Waist trainer enthusiasts report developing and keeping a regular bowel movement schedule after the first week or two of regular wear and a significantly lowered risk of experiencing painful, uncomfortable bowel conditions such as constipation or diarrhea. Even this frequently overlooked – but still important – part of having a happy, healthy body can be improved simply by using a waist trainer!


It is still recommended that individuals who are pregnant or are currently suffering or recovering from illness or injury consult with their doctor before beginning a waist training program. In these cases, it may be recommended to start with a few hours per day and build slowly up to all-day waist training over a period of several days to several weeks.

So don’t wait – get started with your waist training experience today and start experiencing all these fantastic benefits almost immediately! If you have any questions or want to purchase one of our fantastic waist trainer designs, contact Get Waisted today.