Mens Waist Trainer

You might think that waist training is only for women. Of course, you’ve probably seen way more women in corsets in old movies and TV dramas, and most of the celebrities Instagramming their brand new waist trainers have been women. However, these outdated attitudes are a thing of the past. We’re here to tell you that absolutely anyone at all can get an hourglass figure through a waist training program, and that includes men!

Male waist trainers tend to sit just below the pectoral area and end just above the hips. They come in subdued colors like black and gray so that they will not draw as much attention at the gym – but don’t worry, male fans of bright colors can totally find those waist trainers as well! Like women’s waist trainers, they are made from latex or neoprene to help you sweat out that excess water weight during your workout. We also sell male fashion corsets which are functionally similar to womens’ except they emphasize the hips and lower body more so than they do the bust.