Women Waist Trainer

What are women’s waist trainers? Well they are waist trainers that are designed for the female body. This means that they will compress at the natural waistline of women, which is located at a different spot than for men, usually being above the belly button and below the rib cage rather than between the belly button and the hips. Also, they will emphasize the bust and the hips and push the breasts upward just like a really good push up bra.

Women’s waist trainers come in corset and cincher varieties with corsets being more about fashion and aesthetics and cinchers being made of latex and being the waist trainer that you would wear when you are going for a run or going to the gym. They can be made from anything, from latex or neoprene for cinchers to cotton, satin, velvet or brocade or even leather for corsets. Most of our women’s waist trainers here at Get Waisted come in underbust and overbust varieties, with overbust covering the bottom part of the breast and underbust stopping just below the line of the breasts and aligning roughly with the top of the rib cage.