About Us

Get Waisted was born from a dream. A group of waist training lovers got together and asked ourselves “How can we contribute to making waist training more accessible to the wider world?

How can we help ordinary folks understand that corsets are more than just props in period drama,s or that cinchers are more than just something for Kim Kardashian to wear when she takes her Instagram pictures?”

So, after putting our heads together (and several great mind-clearing pre-brainstorm yoga sessions) we decided to make a website that offers every type of waist trainer imaginable.

In addition, we’d include a blog full of helpful guides, articles, tips and tricks to introduce people to the key elements of waist training. So if you want to buy your first cincher or your hundredth, if you’re just learning how to lace up a corset for the first time or you’re looking for some fresh new exercises to add to your strength training regimen, Get Waisted has the information and resources that you need.

Every single product is one we’ve hand-selected and deemed high quality enough to offer, and every one of our articles is created by consulting and polling our staff regarding their own real life waist training routines.

We believe that waist training is for everyone, from A-list celebrities to plain old normal people. So we invite you to step into the great wide world of waist training and GET WAISTED with all of us!