Extra Padded Waist Trainer Vest

If you want to sweat literally more than you have sweated ever before in your entire life, or maybe live in a cold climate and like to go exercising outside, why don’t you try this waist trainer belt with an extra layer of thick neoprene padding? The outer layer is made from stretchy, non breathable latex and then the neoprene padding is found underneath that, but more comfortable latex sits between the vest and the skin. Like you are wearing a sandwich of waist compression!

Like many other of our waist trainer vests here at Get Waisted, this vest fastens up the front using hook and eye closures. It has thick straps like a tank top so it covers the arms and shoulders nicely but can still be worn over another workout top. You can wear it with a bra or without one, because it provides enough support to the bust to let you go without one. It comes in grey, white and black and in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large