Men's Fashion Waist Training Corset

This is a version of the standard female underbust corset designed for a longer, broader male torso. It laces up the back with sturdy cotton parachute cord and fastens up the front with extra large hooks and eyes in case you are worried about potentially damaging the smaller traditional closures with your larger fingers.

It is tight and subtle enough to be worn under your normal clothes without giving any hint that you are wearing a corset, but of course, it can also be worn over the clothing to make a huge fashion statement. The corset comes in three colors: black, brown and red. It is made from 100% sturdy cotton and can last for years and years without experiencing any major damage. It is also very comfortable and hypoallergenic. It will not cause itching, pain, discomfort or rashes after wearing it. Please buy this corset and add it to your wardrobe.