Waist Trainer Vest

If you feel that you need more support than a standard waist trainer can provide, a waist training vest is almost certainly the right product for you. It differs from a usual cincher or corset in that it has sleeves or straps, looking more like a vest than the typical underbust corset design. Waist training vests are really effective for anyone who works out outside in colder climates or bad weather, as they provide more warmth and padding than our other waist cincher designs. On the other hand, in hotter climates or at the gym, they can make you sweat even more than you usually would during workouts so you will find yourself losing water weight very quickly.

Like our standard waist cinchers, our Get Waisted waist training vests are made from either latex or neoprene, non breathable materials which will induce sweating but are also stretchy enough to be worn over clothing like exercise gear or even winter track suits. They are very comfortable and supportive and can even be worn without a bra underneath them because they support the bust and breasts so well!