Women's Waist Trainer Super Fit Latex Cincher

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This women’s waist trainer is designed to be the ultimate companion to any workout, whether you are lifting some weight for a gym or going for a run outside or even hiking up a really tall mountain. Whatever exercise you are doing, I promise you can wear this waist trainer! And, you’ll even lose weight while you do it! This is because this waist trainer will compress your waist line and make you less hungry so you will eat smaller less frequent meals. It will also make your muscles work harder when you are working out so you will get a stronger abdomen and core.

This women’s waist trainer is made from latex which is not breathable so it will encourage you to swear a lot while you are doing your workout. It has a Velcro fastening in the front so you can take it on and off easily, although, we think that once you have put it on, you will never ever want to take it off again! It comes in 7 colors: green, purple, white with blue stripes, beige with silver polka dots, ultraviolet, and pink Scottish plaid.