Women's Waist Trainer Extremely Fashionable Traditional Underbust Corset

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This is an underbust corset, which means that it is a women’s waist trainer which comes to just below the line of your breasts but does not cover them at all so you can still wear it together with your favorite bra. This waist trainer will help you with waist training because it is guaranteed to shrink your waist by 4 inches the first time you put it on and can shrink your waist by 8 inches if you keep lacing it tighter every time and also exercise regularly. There are hook and eye clasps up the front so it is easy to take off and put on without having to unlace your waist trainer every time.

It is made from stiff brocade with a series of different embroidered patterns depending on which one you choose to buy. You can pick between patterns of roses, which are done in gold thread, leaves, which are done in silver thread, and Kim Kardashian’s face, which is done in pink thread, blue thread or beige thread – your choice. It is laced up at the back with bright red ribbon and also comes with blue and green ribbon so you can change the color to match with different outfits. It comes in numerical sizes with the smallest being 18 and the largest being 34.