Workout Waist Trainer For Wearing Under Your Workout Clothes

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What if you want to work out in a waist trainer but you don’t want everyone else at the gym to know you’re working out in a waist trainer? I mean, we know how it is. People at the Gym can be so judgmental. And like if you’re doing anything SLIGHTLY wrong or different or strange, they stare at you in that passive aggressive way. Especially Jennifer. We all hate you, Jennifer. Keep your dang eyes to yourself.

Anyway, this workout waist trainer is the answer to all your passive aggressive Jennifer problems. It is made from extra thin (but still stretchy and non breathable and therefore sweat inducing!) latex and is pulled over the body from the head or the legs so there are no bulky lines of Velcro or hook and eye fasteners to stand out through your clothes or create weird lines. So, basically, what we mean is that this workout waist trainer is designed to be worn UNDER your workout clothes. How revolutionary! Lose weight, slim your waist and work hard at the gym without anyone giving you weird stares! It comes in a wide variety of colors, which is weird because if you’re wearing it under your clothes nobody should be able to see what color it is anyway, but if it’s really that important to you, well, good on you bub .Choose between red, invisible, silver, extra purple, sorta purple, not even purple anymore, and the color of Victor Nikiforov’s gorgeous hair. You deserve it.